David Alfonso | Co-Founder, CEO

Hailing from the Bay Area, this San Francisco State alumnus has worked with several of Silicon Valley’s elite. From sales to marketing, David held key positions for some of the country’s most booming start-ups. But after twelve years of working on others' ventures, he decided to forge his own./p>

Focusing solely on creative freedom, David felt the need to break away from cookie-cutter norms and corporate life. He wanted a brand that spoke to the subculture of Venice, California, the rebellious and hungry, and those dedicated to creative individualism.

Ravenous for entrepreneurship, David partnered with his childhood comrade, Christopher Zent, in what would ultimately become Hanz de Fuko. Breaking the mold of masculine ideals, these risk takers revolutionized hair care for the modern-day man.

In addition to crafting the creative design for the brand, David dominates marketing strategy and execution. You’ll find this CEO’s vision behind all aspects of social media, packaging, and new product development.

Christopher Zent | Co-Founder, COO

Christopher Zent rose from the start-up epicenter. Emanating from Silicon Valley during the nineties, Christopher spent his younger days captivated by the inescapable appeal of entrepreneurship.

While working with several consumer-driven start-ups, he became fascinated with the driving forces behind their success; the power of an idea, creative freedom, and the unwavering desire to exceed customer expectations. His experience revealed the reluctance that men had when speaking of grooming and the need for educationally empowering brands. In order to reimagine the way that people thought about and purchased hair products, Christopher renounced traditional and outdated methods in favor of more stylish, innovative, and consumer-centric solutions.

Christopher ignited the topic of male grooming when he gave authority back to customers by stripping it from the middle men and streamlining the ease of purchase. Teaming up with fellow power-player David Alfonso, Hanz de Fuko emerged as an unparalleled brand in the world of haircare.

Mastermind of online architecture, Christopher serves as COO and VP of sales.

Lucia Perez | Vice President, Operations

For Lucia Perez, born in San Francisco’s Chinatown and raised in the Mission District, the essence of Hanz de Fuko is a San Francisco style she's lived her entire life. Within every department of the company – marketing, customer service, human resources, production – she relishes the task of infusing her sense of style, integrity and precision to ensure that every executive and every employee completes each project in the uniquely Hanz de Fuko way.

Before joining Hanz de Fuko, Lucia used her creative talents and management skills to drive soaring revenues for a Fortune 500 company. With Hanz de Fuko, she brings her eclectic and vibrant approach to leadership in a continually evolving and innovative environment.

Outside the office, Lucia keeps herself inspired and invigorated in nature and healthy living, traveling, enjoying Silver Oak wine, loving her yorkie named Cuba, doing Mud Run obstacle courses, and living every day as if it's her last day.

Carol Bateman | Director, Human Resources & Vendor Relations

A native San Franciscan, Carol has been with Hanz de Fuko since the company was founded. After working in the SF hotel industry, she spent years at a global products and services company as a marketing analyst and event planner, working with U.S. banks, the USOC and the NFL. Her next role was at a large Bay Area medical center working as the management liaison for employee, nonprofit and community relations.

Carol has worked in every area of Hanz de Fuko, bringing her expertise in office management, marketing, customer service, vendor and employee relations, and is committed to helping the company grow.

When not working, Carol enjoys being with friends, politics, movies, reading and wine-tasting.

Bryan Schager | Director of Salon Sales

Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, CA to a family of hairdressers and business professionals, it’s no wonder that Bryan has thrived in the business side of hair. He loves the role of brand “evangelist” and is responsible for driving sales of Hanz de Fuko into the salon channel, developing partnerships with select hair salons and barbershops throughout North America. Before joining our team, Bryan spent more than a decade helping two relatively obscure haircare brands grow into industry giants. With a true passion for the salon industry, Bryan enjoys nothing more than to create and nurture relationships with salon owners, stylists and barbers.

When not spreading the Hanz de Fuko gospel, Bryan enjoys mountain biking, kickboxing, Japanese cuisine, and sipping on a local Pinot Noir.

For salon or barbershop inquires of the Hanz de Fuko line, please contact Bryan at: bryan@hanzdefuko.com

Ahmad Krayem | Marketing Specialist

A Bay Area native, Ahmad has been with Hanz de Fuko since 2015. He facilitates direct sales of Hanz de Fuko products to salons and barbershops.

Ahmad’s passion has always been related to sales, and his favorite hobby is trading stocks. He’s the youngest of five siblings and the uncle of 10. He justifies his love for burgers, pizza, and burritos by going to the gym, running and hiking.

Patty Plascencia | Customer Service Specialist

A long-time Bay Area resident, Patty worked as a counselor at the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco before joining Hanz de Fuko. She also facilitated the start-up and approval of accredited, online credit counseling with the Tides Center. A service-oriented enthusiast, she enjoys being on the front line of Hanz de Fuko’s customer service.

In her spare time, she appreciates listening to the teachings of Bentinho Massaro, ecstatic dance and spending time with family.

Angel Decampos | Warehouse Manager

Angel was born and raised in the small town of Auburn, in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. She worked in customer service at various retailers before joining Hanz de Fuko in 2015. She is in charge of product samples and has also contributed many creative ideas to organize and pack salon orders.

Angel is great at organizing things and, working at top speed with the other warehouse associates, Angel’s goal is to build the best company they can.

In her free time, Angel loves to cook and spend time with her three children and her boyfriend.